Friday, 18 January 2013

Learn to Code for Free.

Are you a Coder or wish to be a coder or you just want to learn coding to enhance your hacking skills.

Well if you are serious about hacking than the first rule and foremost the most important rule to become a good ethical hacker is to have a good coding/programming skills, i bet you don't wanna be mocked as a script kiddie or a noob-hacker. It is important for a hacker to know details about all languages as they are going to be your basics while breaking a code.
So if you wish to be a LEET/1337 you must know at-least one programming. If you know C/C++ than it won't be too hard for you to learn new languages. A basic knowledge of programming is a must.
Even if you don't know anything about coding, don't worry i'll tell you a lots of websites where you can learn and master the skills of coding. 

You must be wondering that which language should i learn first, what is the order of learning languages. Well it differ for different people like for beginner and also depends on one's own interest as well, every person will tell you different priority list i'm going to tell you mine. Fell free to choose your on path.

List of languages to be learned:

  • C\C++ : Good for learning basics of programming and easy to learn as well.
  • Python: Quick way to write exploits. If you are talking about hacking applications and websites. 
  • Perl
  • Ruby  :For Metasploit hacking
  • Assembly Languages
  • Java
  • Visual Basic
  • HTML,CSS & JQuerry : To know the structure of a website, comes handy in website hacking and   finding vulnerability.

Hoof!! That's a lot of languages and you might be thinking where will i get to learn all these. There are lots of free websites where you can learn coding for free/paid. 
Following are the list of website where you can learn coding:

Now now get off your hands and start coding. 
Good Luck Everyone.

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